Is the FEAR of VISIBILITY Wreaking Havoc on Your Pocket Book?

As a business owner you are SEEN! In fact, YOU MUST BE SEEN!

Well, you must if you want MONEY or you want to make an IMPACT!

Business is PUBLIC.

End of story, it just is!

Many people will witness your ideas, your products, your videos, your ads…

And, they will also witness your FAILURES!

Yep, they will.

Your anxieties, your bad reviews, your bad hair days, your grammar errors…

You name it…they will point it out.

So, why would you put yourself in the position where people will see your weaknesses?

Because, to be honest, you have to if you want to actually be in business. And, if you are doing your BEST every single day, then don’t worry about the “failures” that people see. Every person has some “ooops” in life, even if they are not in business. It is just a part of life.

For the most part, we do not remember other people’s mistakes for long. Well unless they are a Politician or Celebrity who continue to make them in BIG WAYS. Then we get tired of them or sometimes take pity on them, but day-to-day we really don’t think too much about them.

If you are not putting yourself and your business out into the world because you FEAR what others will think or say, you are cutting yourself short.

Your dreams are worth the “uncomfortableness” of VISIBILITY!

Taking daily small steps towards visibility will not make the FEAR go away. In fact, the voices of fear will probably grow louder at first. But when you get through the first small step, all you need to know is that it’s time for the next step. And, eventually being visible will be easier and easier and you will be more comfortable will becoming visible in a bigger way.

One of the great things about becoming stronger in your power of being SEEN, HEARD and NOTICED is that you begin to see all those other people’s opinions and thoughts as just that: opinions and thoughts.

So, go out there today and get just a little bit SEEN!

Cheers and Remember –

Your Delicious Life Is NOW, Show UP In FLOW.


Founder, Yellow Fish PR

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