Feeling Comfortable Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Putting your high-heels on after a decade of flats is uncomfortable!

Flirting after a decade of not feeling or letting your playfulness shine is uncomfortable!

Starting a business and letting yourself be vulnerable to others is uncomfortable!

You may get a few blisters, a few rejections or a few insults or people unfriending you on Facebook.

So, who cares?  Really, who cares?  Those other people do not.  They may judge you for a moment or talk about you in a not so pretty way… but, guess what… they will just move on to their next victim.

So, who cares?  Hopefully YOU!  You should care about moving out of your comfort zone.  YOU should care to get uncomfortable over and over.

The saying is true, “Your best life is not found in your comfort zone.”

Businesses, fabulous relationships, and amazing bodies unfold when you have some scary, uncomfortable moments.  When is the last time you had an “OMG, what have I done moment”?  Those are the magical moments in our lives.  The ones that scare us and challenge our limits we have set for ourselves.

Really, do you want a deeper, sexier, sensual relationship with a man who adores you?  What do you need to do to get that?  Sitting on your couch eating ice-cream is probably not the answer.

Do you want an amazing tone, fit body?  What do you need to get that?

Do you want a freedom-based business?  What do you need to get that?  Are you afraid to put your business out there?  Are you afraid to share your message?

If you want a truly toast-worthy life, a life you have designed, then you have to step out of your comfort zone.  It is in this place that you come alive and your soul will soar.

So, is there some trick to feeling comfortable getting out of the comfort zone?

NO!  Silly girl… that is why it is called, “uncomfortable”.  The way out is to breath through it and make real choices.  Stop just getting by in a dull, stuck life where you feel you are just existing instead of fully living.

Just like a fine wine, your life needs certain ingredients and ways of being to go through the “clarification/fining” process to become smooth, adored and toast-worthy.   Take some time to journal about your ingredients and your “fining” – what are you putting in and what are you filtering out?

I want this and not that.  What are the things you want and what do you not want to have happen?  You cannot have the courage to move through the “uncomfortable zone”, if you have no idea what you want and why you want it.  You will not be motivated to go after your toast-worthy life and step out of the comfort zone.  For example, a lot of women gain weight when starting a business, due to stress.  So, your statement might be: I want a 20K a month, freedom-based business empowering women, but I do not want to gain weight while I build the business.

Do more of this, no more of that.  To reach any goal in life we have to do more of some things and stop doing others.  For example you want a spicier relationship, so a few rules may be:  Do more flirting with my partner.  Do more encouraging and complimenting of my spouse.  Do less nagging.  Do more primping to look my best.  Do more sexy texting.  Do less texting just to check in and annoy my partner.

Always choose this over that.  Life happens.  Kids get sick, there are times of uncertainty, failure, conflict.  This rule will help you set a baseline to turn to when those difficult times arise.  For example, always choose water over diet coke.  Always choose my passion business over short-term profit.  Always kiss my partner when they walk in the door over complain about the kids misbehaving.

Do this now, then that.  Most of the tough choices in life have to do with a constant conflict of time.

However, if we do not start we will just stay stuck in the comfort zone.  So, what could you journal?

Maybe you want to start toning your body.  You could write, I will start cardio this week for two days.

Then in two weeks, I will add in one day of kettle bell training.

All of these items belong in your toast-worthy recipe book for your life.  Journal for hours and hours, if you need to put the “ingredients/fining” into every area of your life.  Once you complete this journal exercise, well the next part is simple…

BREATHE through the discomfort and JUMP into your beautiful life.  What is one action you can take today that is a little scary?  Through this process you will grow more confident and courageous as you start achieving all your desires with ease.

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