Are You A Life Coach Wanting To Get More Clients Each Month With Ease?


The first thing you should know about me – I am an admitted lover of style, beauty, wine and luscious experiences and that is one of the reasons I entered the world of life coaching - to help women live life more fully and with ease!

I also LOVE, LOVE Italy! I found my soul and inspiration during a vacation on the Amalfi Coast. A true, “Under the Tuscan Sun” moment.

As a speaker, author and a business coach to life coaches, I believe the way you show up in the world is your biggest asset. I aim to inspire Life Coaches to tap into their unique gifts; take consistent action and have the systems in place to grow a profitable business.

I now help Life Coaches take their knowledge and expertise and use it to grow highly successful businesses.

I believe that one of the fastest ways to build financial wealth and success is through coaching, however you have to know how to market and grow a business to get to the wealth part!

I help entrepreneurs create a streamlined system to get high-level clients on a consistent basis.

Over the past 25 years, I have helped large and small businesses in the areas of public relations, advertising, communications, human resources and leadership.

I am excited to help you achieve results in your business so you can live your passion of  helping many others with your coaching skills.

  • WHAT I DO NOW: I specialize in helping Life Coaches set up systems inside of their businesses that allows them to attract a consistent and predictable flow of high ticket clients each and every month. That way, they can dramatically grow their business, increase their impact, income and freedom, without working crazy amounts of hours.
  • WHY IT WORKS: I get it! I have been a Life Coach and understand how hard it is to attract high ticket clients without knowing the specific result you get people, having a targeted client attraction system in place and then knowing how to connect on a level that gets them to say YES! But NOW I know how! Time To Share It!
  • WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: As a speaker, author and with many years of experience in public relations, human resources and life coach, I found that when you create systems, help people get what they want and take consistent action, you authentically cultivate a business that POPS with magnetic fascination.
  • HOW IT WORKS: I provide Done-For-You and coaching programs aimed at helping Life Coaches get 5, 10, 15 more clients per month with evergreen, automated and scripted systems.

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Cheers to getting more high-end clients on a consistent basis!

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