Are You A Thought Leader Wanting To Get More Clients Each Month With Ease?

I believe that every person has value to share with the world.

We all have knowledge, skills, life experiences gifted to us, that can be used to help other people.

I believe we are each here to leave a legacy, our mark on the world.

I’m Linda Poteet, a business and authority marketing specialist for experts and the founder of Yellow Fish Fortunes. As an international speaker, best-selling author and a business coach to experts, I believe the way you show up in the world and your expertise is your biggest asset. I aim to inspire experts from around the globe to tap into their unique gifts, take consistent action and have the systems in place to grow a profitable business.

Armed with a degree in Mass Communications and Media and a Masters in Leadership, I have over the past 25 years helped large and small businesses in the areas of public relations, advertising, communication, executive coaching, leadership training and owned three companies.

Most people come to me wanting to learn how to make money from their expertise, but they’re usually missing a few key pieces.

They’re missing their credibility assets… a book, a show, a signature speech, but more importantly they’re missing how to position and package their expertise so that they can monetize it into a real and profitable business.

I really like to teach people how to create their marketing assets that set them apart as an authority and make them unique.

With me, you will learn how to build programs and products that can be automated so you have freedom, fulfillment and a big bank account while leaving your mark on the world,

I believe you have a voice, I believe you have learned something in your lifetime that can help other people.

I believe that if I can just show you how to position and package your knowledge and who you are as an expert, not only can you get paid for it and build a real business and brand, but, you can help millions of people.

Because isn’t that what life is all about?

Part of our destiny is to claim the vastness of our vision and our gifts…

To help other people…

And to understand that we can stand up to use our voice and expertise to make a difference.

I am excited to help you achieve results in your business and begin your journey as a Yellow Fish making your fortune from your expertise.

  • WHAT I DO NOW: I specialize in helping Thought Leaders set up systems inside of their businesses that allows them to attract a consistent and predictable flow of high ticket clients each and every month. That way, they can dramatically grow their business, increase their impact, income and freedom, without working crazy amounts of hours.
  • WHY IT WORKS: I get it! I have been a Thought Leaders and understand how hard it is to attract high ticket clients without knowing the specific result you get people, having a targeted client attraction system in place and then knowing how to connect on a level that gets them to say YES! But NOW I know how! Time To Share It!
  • WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: As a speaker, author and with many years of experience in public relations, human resources and thought leader, I found that when you create systems, help people get what they want and take consistent action, you authentically cultivate a business that POPS with magnetic fascination.
  • HOW IT WORKS: I provide Done-For-You and coaching programs aimed at helping Thought Leaders get 5, 10, 15 more clients per month with evergreen, automated and scripted systems.

ARE YOU READY TO BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO YOUR COACHING BUSINESS? Reach out to me for a complimentary session. Click the sign up button below and schedule a time. I look forward to connecting.

Cheers to getting more high-end clients on a consistent basis!